One year in the 1990s, a friend gave us a moon chart for Christmas. It was produced by a business in Canberra. We really liked it and it became a regular gift from our friend each year.

In those days the moon chart was a bit smaller and was printed with a single colour background each year. But then one Christmas we didn't receive one and it seemed that the Canberra moon chart business had stopped operating.
Some years later, I became the owner of a graphic design business in North Sydney and my wife said to me one day "I wish they still made the moon charts, as I used to like getting one each Christmas." And so, because I always try to make my wife happy, I decided to start producing them.
Our first moon charts were created in 2014. Our design team felt that moons had a natural connection with night, so we decided from the start to produce a black version as well as a colour version each year. Our creative ethos was always to strive for simple and stylish work and the type elements in our first design have remained the same ever since. The first colour version featured a colour panel behind each phase of the moon.

Our first colour moon chart in 2014 ……..

… and our first black moon chart in the same year

For three years we simply modified the colours behind the moons each year, but in 2017 we decided on a background illustration for our design and we have since changed it each year for the colour versions. The black version necessarily has a simpler background than the colour, and we feel that this gives our customers a better choice each year.

2017 colour moon chart with wave background

our 2020 colour moon chart was very popular

We have a loyal following of regular customers each year for which we are very grateful and our list grows a bit each year. We often get an email from someone who used to buy the Canberra versions and they say how pleased they are to discover that moon charts are once again available. (If anyone knows the contact details of the original Canberra moon chart business, please do let us know as we would love to get in touch with them).

We create several designs each year, and then get feedback from fellow designers, family and friends before deciding on which two to finalise. After lots of proof checking, we print in late October ready for the November and December main selling period.

It is not so much a business as a labour of love – and we have managed to keep our pricing the same each year even though our printing and mailing costs have increased significantly. But our ability to do so depends on demand, so please help us by telling your friends about moon charts and giving them the website link. Hopefully our new website will assist as well.